Review of Clayton Christensen’s book Disrupting Class

Disrupting Class was an excellent resource in providing a technology and business vocabulary which is applicable to the deep challenges facing public education today.

To be honest, my view of education is emotive as it ¬†represents so many formative years of my life. I can not claim to bring objectivity to the dialogue. A relative writing¬†“Freedom to Learn”, as well as my mother being a retired special education teacher … I’m biased.

But it is as a technologist, sitting on the cusp of big change, that I can read with sense of calling – knowing that as a CTO of Better Lesson I’m privileged to be in the kind of position coveted by catalysts of renaissance, and admirers of diversity – where once there was only one word – philosophy. Besides the need to avenge my childhood (where I was to have skipped two grades, but also had the diplomacy of a Tasmanian Devil combined with winning the award for “Teachers Pest”, an award created just for me if I remember), maybe now I can make a lot of folks happy.

This is the kind of book that makes me happy. Happy to me is a wholestic thing. I want to make a lot of money without others suffering. I want to pursue knowledge that sustainably changes the world.